Stepping Up Our Marketing


Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. (AME) has achieved manufacturing excellence over the last few decades by providing some of the highest quality machine tool component products and services the market has to offer. Now, we are taking the next steps to improve our business and increase our market share even more. It hasn’t always been easy getting from where we were nearly 50 years ago to where we are now. But we can honestly say the hardest parts are behind us. You can only improve products and processes so much before there is little to no room left for improvements. Although we will continue to innovate further, we have successfully neared that point in our manufacturing processes for a few reasons.

First, we have implemented lean thinking principles which allow us to operate with less unnecessary expenses, for example, excess inventory and waste. Second, we have become a continuous improvement organization which always seeks to improve products, processes and people through innovation, lead time reduction and personal development training. Third, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art plant and equipment in order to ensure our employees have the right tools to create real premium value for our customers. Now, we get to pay it all back to those who helped us make it possible by awarding us with their loyalty… Our partners, employees and our customers.

The idea is that we will utilize our strong foundational infrastructure in the industry matched with significant improvements in our marketing strategy to become one of the most “user-friendly” companies the market has to offer. What we mean by user-friendliness is that everyone who is involved with AME, whether as a partner, employee or customer, will experience our dedication to improvement through the ease of working us. This means that we will need to focus on things like improved communication, customer-orientation and value creation, or in other words, marketing…

The following areas of our marketing strategy will be heavily focused on and enhanced throughout the next few years:

Search Engine Optimization

One of the first areas of focus for us at AME is our inbound marketing. This includes things that attract our customers to us. For example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows people to find us more easily on various search engines based off of their queries, especially Google. The key is to provide the best possible user experience for those who visit our website by making it easy to navigate, filled with helpful content and popular keywords, and visually appealing. Companies like Google utilize extensive algorithms and techniques to determine how user-friendly a website is. Therefore, if we are rated well in SEO we will show up in searches more often, thus, enabling our customers to find and conduct business with us more easily.

Social Media

Another area we will be focusing on in the realm of inbound marketing is a newer frontier called social media. Over the last decade social media has greatly impacted the way people market their products and services. It is a dynamic medium for people and businesses to increase brand awareness, network, establish authority, and interact with partners, customers, etc. Furthermore, the rate of technology advancements over the last few decades has impacted society’s attention span as a whole. Many people do not have time to read lengthy articles and webpages full of content and prefer something that mixes visual, aural, and textual messages all in one. Which makes it no surprise that video is now number 1 in terms of informational mediums.  Therefore, you can now find Advanced Machine & Engineering & Co. and various videos of ours on the following:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • Google+
  • YouTube

Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing automation are software programs that will allow us to both streamline processes in our sales cycle, as well as, improve our communication internally and externally. CRMs have become extremely popular recently due to their highly customizable options for businesses of all sizes and markets. They help companies do things like store data on leads, quotes, and orders or start group chats with file upload options. When matched with marketing automation, we will now have software that automatically helps us convert leads and quotes into orders, as well as, determine ROI.


In addition to inbound marketing, we also need to focus on our more conventional marketing activities that “reach out” to potential customers, known as outbound marketing. One of the biggest opportunities for us to reach out to our potential customers is now less than a year away, the International Manufacturing Trade Show (IMTS) 2014. This year we will be showcasing brand new state-of-the-art booth designs that will allow us to show all of our product and service offerings in an eloquent fashion. This will allows us to boldly reach out to thousands of potential and existing customers in the industry at the world’s second largest manufacturing tradeshow. Sign up for our email newsletter at for more information and updates until the show this September in Chicago, IL.


Paired with our CRM’s database capabilities and marketing automation, email will become one of our primary outbound marketing tactics. We now offer an email newsletter signup section on our website. This will offer our customers the latest news about our companies, new products and services, special offers and promotions and upcoming events. Although it has been used somewhat in the past, we plan to really take it to the next level this year to give our customers and partners the information they need to conduct business with us.


Another area we have been focusing on is simple branding opportunities with our existing products and packages. For example, the majority of our products now have a logo somewhere on the product itself as well as the packaging. Pretty much anything we can put our company or product logos on needs it to help create and maintain brand awareness. This includes the use of our corporate colors and standard logo designs on various marketing materials to build recognition of our brands and our company.


Last but not least, we have embarked on a never-ending quest to conduct research on our markets to ensure that we are, not only keeping current with, but setting the latest trends in the industry. This is a paramount step to us at AME to maintain our quality standard of being a continuous improvement organization. However, as helpful as all these steps are for our marketing efforts, the most important task of all that they help us accomplish is earning your loyalty…


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